Several flight schools, business leaders, and local government officials in southeast Georgia have pooled their resources in order to provide the best flight training experience for the region and the local airports participating in the program.  Flight training opportunities have diminished in recent years due to the economic conditions our country faces today.  This effort gives new meaning to the phrase “united we stand. …”

Every community’s local airport is the doorway for business.  If your local community does not have a viable airport, business is not coming.  Business travels by air and if you cannot provide the welcome mat, they are not coming.

The principals of MidCoast Aviation Services are Mr. George Hitt of Top Flight Aviation in Statesboro, and Mr. Bobby Smith owner and operator of MidCoast Aviation Services.  They realized the need for a Part 141 Pilot School to this region.  The military veterans stationed primarily at Ft. Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah are without any flight training opportunities provided by their benefits from the Veterans Administration.  There are no flight schools within 200 miles of the area certified or able to provide flight training for our veterans at these bases.  MidCoast Aviation Services was formed primarily to provide these services for active military veterans to train while still in the military.  Once they complete the required training they can make a smooth transition from military to civilian employment in the field of aviation without any lapse in employment.

The City of Reidsville and the Reidsville Airport Authority have provided assistance to MidCoast by making the FBO building at the Reidsville Municipal Airport available by lease to MidCoast.  The City of Reidsville adopted a unanimous resolution to pay the Federal Aviation Administration for the cost of certification as this issue prevented certification for over two years.  Though the city did not have to pay for the certification, their offer made it clear the city’s assistance was there when needed.  Special thanks go to former Mayor Eddie Rewis and the City Council of Reidsville.

Many other local business owners and individuals have provided funding and personal assistance to MidCoast to make this venture possible.  Our goal is to provide the best possible flight training services and aircraft rental to the airports at Reidsville and Statesboro.  It is our desire to safely provide training for safe pilots in safe aircraft.

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