How much does it cost?
The cost will depend on how frequently you fly, how much you study, and which aircraft you are using.

How long does it take?
Many factors play into the length of time it takes to earn the various pilot certifications. Frequency of flying, cooperative weather, airplane and instructor scheduling, and lapses in the flight training process all affect how long it will take. It is recommended the student fly at least twice a week which cuts down on review time.

If you are training under Part 61 for the Private Pilot Certificate the FAA requires a minimum of 40 hours in the aircraft, 20 of that with an instructor, in addition to the ground studies. If you are training under Part 141 for the Private Pilot Certificate the FAA requires 35 hours of flight time, and 35 hours of ground instruction. However, there are very few people that can master the art of flight in such a short time. Most people take longer, in fact the national average is somewhere closer to 70 hours. Our school’s average is closer to 55 hours.

What does Part 61 or Part 141 mean? What is the difference between training under Part 61 and Part 141?
Part 61 or Part 141 refers to the part of the Federal Code of Regulations Title 14. Part 61 addresses the regulations for the certification of pilots. Any FAA -approved flight instructor may train students under Part 61.

Part 141 addresses the certification of pilot schools. The Part 141 certification means that the school has had its training courses, aircraft, personnel, facilities, etc. inspected and approved by the FAA. Part 141 approved schools are subject to regular surveillance audits by the FAA and must meet minimum pass rates on the practical exams.

Both methods of flight training require the student to meet the same standard of performance in order to obtain a pilot certificate. Where the methods differ is in the structure and in some minimum requirements. Part 141 training follows an FAA approved syllabus, and the courses have a time limit for each stage. A flight school may have all or part of it’s training courses approved for Part 141 training. Our Private Pilot, Instrument Pilot, Commercial Pilot, Instrument Instructor and Certified Flight Instructor Courses have all been approved for training under Part 141. Training for all of these courses may also be done under Part 61.

Can I train around my schedule?
Yes, we schedule to fit your schedule. Whether it is early morning, afternoon, late evening, weekday or weekend we will do our best to schedule when it is convenient for you. Our school was designed for working adults. We know our students have responsibilities, family and jobs, so we do our best to accommodate various schedules.

Are you open on weekends?
Yes. We do recommend that you give us a call to schedule your appointments ahead of time. We are in and out of the office, flying with students, or out on the ramp.

Is financing available?
Lessons and flights are billed after each flight, and payment is due when the lesson/flight is completed. We do give a 5% discount off airplane rental to those that want to prepay a block of minimum 10 hours.

Do you have Gift Certificates available?
Yes. We custom print each Gift Certificate with your unique message.

Do you have Introductory or Discovery Flights?
Yes. Give us a call at 912-682-9635 or 912-557-6315 to schedule your flight.