Owner’s Message

I thank God every morning of my life that I live in the safest country in the world.  The men and women of the United States military services who give willingly of their lives are the reason we are as safe as we are. Everyone living in this country legally or illegally should do the same.  Our military veterans keep the fight overseas.  If they did not do what they do over there, we would be fighting our enemies in the streets of our hometowns and cities.  Thank a veteran and their family every day.

To the families who gave all.  The life of your loved one did not perish in vain.  Their life guarantees the lives of many others will be safer due to your sacrifice.  Your loved one gave all.  You continue to give.  God bless you all.

MidCoast Aviation Services is here for our military veterans and their families.  They keep our families and our country safe.  Our country owes them every opportunity, and more, to live the kind of lives they choose.   They are America’s Bravest, Brightest, and Best.  Honor them.