Part 141

The Part 141 training program uses the FAA approved syllabus. Each lesson builds upon the previous lessons enabling the student to learn more quickly. MidCoast Aviation Services offers the Private Pilot, Instrument Pilot, Commercial Pilot, Certified Flight Instructor, and Certified Instrument Instructor Courses under Part 141 at our Reidsville, GA Pilot Training Facility. We also have an Additional Category and Class Training Course for those that wish to transition from a Commercial Rotorcraft to a Commercial Fixed wing rating. Training under Part 61 is available at both our Reidsville, GA and our Statesboro, GA locations.

Private Pilot Certification Course Syllabus Requirements: 35.0 hours of flight training and 35.0 hours of ground training.

35 hours of aeronautical experience – 20 of which must be with an instructor (dual), 5 hours must be solo and the other 10 hours can be either solo flight, dual instruction, or a mix of the two depending on the student’s needs.

35 hours in an aircraft @ $150.00 = 5250.00
20 hours flight instruction @$50.00 = 1000.00
35 hours ground instruction @$50.00 =1750.00
Additional Costs* 1600.00

TOTAL 9600.00

*Additional Costs:
Medical Certificate (approx.) $150.00
FAA Written Test $150.00
FAA Checkride (approx.) $500.00
Pilot Supplies (avg. ) $500.00
Personal Headset $100-$1000.00 ( avg $300.00)
Total Cost (approx) $1600.00